Wordclouds of America

By Max Candocia


July 02, 2018

What do Americans think of when they describe America? I asked 137 people via survey to describe America in three words (among other questions), and these are the results:

plot of chunk overall_wordcloud

Wordclouds By Support for Trump

I also asked respondents their opinion of President Trump. Below are the word clouds divided by whether or not they have a positive opinion of Trump.

Positive Opinion

plot of chunk trump_support_wordcloud

Negative Opinion

plot of chunk trump_disapprove_wordcloud

Neutral Opinion

plot of chunk trump_neutral_wordcloud

Visualization Note

I used GIMP to change the background of the images to an american flag, as image processing isn't very graceful with R, the programming language I used to generate the word clouds

GitHub Repository

Code is hosted on https://github.com/mcandocia/FourthOfJulySurvey


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