Introducing Quizzes

By Max Candocia


November 17, 2016

Last Updated 01/18/2017

If you ever wanted to make one of those silly quizzes you see on the Internet, a tool is now available that let's you do that, using machine learning and user feedback to determine the outcome.

The link to the creator tool is here: Feel free to make and share quizzes

Here are a few examples of quizzes that I made:

  1. There are People on the Trolley Tracks. Do I Pull the Lever?
  2. Are You a Dog Person or a Cat Person?
  3. What Kind of Silverware are You?
  4. What Subatomic Particle are You?

I think it's pretty silly, but it'll be interesting to see what sorts of quizzes/responses are made using it.


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