There are People on the Trolley Tracks. Do I Pull the Lever?

There are six people tied onto the trolley tracks. Five people are on the lower track, and one person is on the upper track. If you do nothing, the trolley will hit and kill the five people on the lower track. If you pull the lever, the trolley will move to the upper track and kill one person. What do you do?

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1. Is killing an innocent person inherently wrong?
I don't know
2. Are you a nihilist?
3. Imagine there is a hospital with one healthy person and five unhealthy people. The unhealthy people will all die within a day unless they receive an organ transplant, which can only be provided by killing the healthy person. If the transplants take place, all of the unhealthy persons will live relatively normal lives. The healthy person would not agree to this arrangement, though. What is the right decision?
Kill the healthy person and use his organs to cure the unhealthy people
Let the healthy person go and let the unhealthy people die
4. In general, how would you describe taxation?
A necessary evil
An unnecessary evil
Necessary, but not evil
Unnecessary and not evil
I don't know
None of the above
5. Are some people's lives worth more than others?
I don't know
6. Of the following situations, when is it okay to lie?
When you want to avoid hurting someone's feelings
When you want to influence someone to do something beneficial for society
When you want to hurt the reputation of a bad person
All the time
7. Are you responsible for helping those less fortunate than yourself?
To some degree
Not at all
8. To the nearest US dollar, what monetary value would you place on the average human life?
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