What kind of an egg are you?

Eggs eggs eggs 🥚 🍳 wonderful eggs. What kind of egg are you? Take this quiz and you will become an egg 🐣🥚

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1. What would your favorite part about being an egg be?
The golden goodness inside of me
My hard, outer shell protecting me from the troubles of the world
The ability to become anything I want, provided it is in the results of this quiz
My elegant, ovoid shape
2. If you were an egg, how would you make the world a better place?
I would feed the hungry
I would shelter the homeless
I would clothe the naked
Something else
I would do nothing and be worthless
3. What is your opinion of the Israel-Palestine conflict?
Something simple, and probably misinformed, that could fit as a response to a multiple-choice question
Something complex, and probably still misinformed, that could not possibly be captured by all responses of a reasonable multiple-choice question
I don't really have an opinion on this subject matter
4. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Why is this checkbox?
Please ignore

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